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Acid Digestion

What is microwave acid digestion?

Microwave Digestion is a common technique used to dissolve metals into an aqueous solution prior to elemental analysis. The process involves irradiating a sample in strong acids in a sealed vessel which raises the boiling point of the acid, creating a super acid. This super acid, or combination of acids, increases the speed of decomposition as well as the solubility of metals in solution. Once they are in solution, it is possible to quantify the samples for trace metal analysis.

Suitable for:

  • ICP-MS
  • AA
  • GFAA

Microwave Acid Digestion Systems

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The world’s only automated sequential microwaveacid digestionsystem.

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Microwave Acid Digestion Help & Training

Microwave 101 Video Training

Learn the basics about microwave digestion.

Learn how microwave digestion heats to get samples in solution quickly and conveniently.

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Refer to notes for specific information.

Get information about how to run your specific sample in the most efficient way.

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Chart of Target Elements

Determine the best acid to use.

Download this periodic table poster to use as a quick visual guide to determine which acid to use.


Free HF Safety

Learn proper handling of hydrofluoric acid.

We recommend that you contact us if you plan to use HF foracid digestion. We’d be happy to assist and educate you for free.

USP <232>/<233>

Be prepared for USP <232>/<233>.

Learn about new methods for heavy metals analysis of pharmaceutical based products.

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