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MARS 6 Replacement Parts

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  1. Omni Solid Vent Fitting

    Omni Solid Vent Fitting

    Part #: 431310

    Omni Vessel Vent Fitting, Solid Learn More
  2. Screw


    Part #: 432130

    Used in GreenChem, Omni, & XP-1500 Plus Vessels Learn More
  3. Vessel Sleeve

    Vessel Sleeve

    Part #: 431740

    Used in EasyPrep, EasyPrep Plus, GreenChem, Omni, HP & XP Plus Vessels Learn More
  4. PFA Liner

    PFA Liner

    Part #: 431110

    PFA Liner for 500 Plus Learn More
  5. Standard Load Disk

    Standard Load Disk

    Part #: 430500

    Standard Load Disc for 500 Plus/ GC Plus Learn More
  6. Standard Cover

    Standard Cover

    Part #: 431250

    HP 500 Plus Cover- Standard Configuration, also used with GC Plus (Teflon) Learn More
  7. Teflon Standard Vessel Assembly

    Teflon Standard Vessel Assembly

    Part #: 431935

    Teflon Standard Vessel Assembly Learn More
  8. Standard Frame Module

    Standard Frame Module

    Part #: 431715

    Standard frame module for GreenChem standard vessel. Learn More