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Microwave Muffle Furnace
Up to 10 times faster than a conventional muffle furnace! Rugged, easy-to-use and engineered to be dependable, the Phoenix Microwave Muffle Furnace is programmable with auto-start/auto-shutdown and storage for up to 20 methods. Two furnace sizes are available and CEM offers a sulfated ashing option. Ash your samples in any type of crucible used in a conventional muffle furnace, even platinum. Read more...
with Sulfated Ashing Option
Safely neutralize and remove sulfur dioxide and nitric acid emissions while ashing samples in minutes. Read more...

Airwave option
Quickly and easily ash organic samples with large quantities of volatile by-products. Read more...

for Bone Content Analysis
Fast, accurate and direct bone content analysis with the Phoenix Microwave Furnace; no titrations required. Read more...
ProFat Meat Analyzer
ProFat Meat Analyzer
Microwave Moisture, Fat, Protein, and Ash Analyzer for Raw Meat
Measure moisture, fat, protein, and ash in raw meat samples and pre-blends accurately in minutes. The rapid analysis can be used for process control to make blend corrections, release materials, and ensure least cost formulation. Read more...

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