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Automated Microwave Digestion System

Discover SP-D Clinical

Discover® SP-D™ Clinical

Digest a clinical sample in under 6 minutes.


Fast and remarkably simple, the Discover SP-D Clinical is specifically designed to digest small sample sizes for clinical applications. This automated system will optimize your laboratory workflow.


  • Most digestions in under 6 minutes (including cool down)
  • Automated system allows technician to tend to other tasks
  • Temperature and pressure control of every sample
  • Documentation of every sample
  • Simple-to-use vessels with snap-on caps technology


How it Works

discovered clinical weigh image


Just weigh, snap, load, and you’re done.

1. Weigh the sample and add acid

2. Snap on the cap and place in the system

3. Select the method(s) and press “Play”

After you press the play button, your work is done. The system will do the rest for you and let you know when the fully digested sample is ready.



Unique technologies that make your work easy.

Focused™ Microwave Cavity

Fast & Efficient

The cavity produces a focused and extremely homogeneous microwave field. This enables the system to digest clinical samples faster and with greater reproducibility than batch style systems.

Activent® Technology

Preserve Elements

The system actively controls pressure and vessel venting to eliminate loss of elements, including volatiles such as mercury and arsenic.


Quick Sample Handling

The sample is cooled in less than one minute after digestion. In as little as six minutes, you will have a digested sample in-hand ready for analysis.



Phoenix Ease of Use image


Digest small samples with low volume vessels.

The Discover SP-D Clinical was designed specifically to digest small clinical samples. Digest samples as small as 5 mg or up to 100 mg in one of the clinical vessels.

Vessel Size
Minimum Acid Volume
Maximum Acid Volume
4 mL 0.5 mL 1.5 mL
10 mL 1.0 mL 4.0 mL


The first ever digestion system specifically for clinical throughput.

Digest one sample in 6 minutes.

Why wait for the time of a whole batch to digest when you have only one sample? Since the Discover SP-D Clinical digests samples one at-a-time, you’ll have the flexibility to fully digest one sample in only six minutes. This is truly unique to the Discover SP-D instruments.

Digest RUSH samples immediately.

The advanced Synergy-D Clinical software will allow you to interrupt a pre-programmed run to accommodate a rush sample. In just about 6 minutes you will have a digested sample in hand ready for analysis, then the software will resume running as programmed.

Digest 48 different samples in one run.

You’ll no longer have the hassle of batching similar samples together. Run different samples, using different acids, under different conditions all in one run.

Applications & Methods

Prepare any clinical sample with ease.

We have an extensive list of Method Notes to help you digest any clinical sample with ease.

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If you don’t find what you are looking for, contact us at analytical.support@cem.com.

One of our Application Specialists will assist you in your method development.


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