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Disposable Vessel Liners for Microwave Sample Preparation

November 7, 2018
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MARSXpress Disposable Vessel LinerMatthews, North Carolina (November 7, 2018) - CEM Corporation, the leading supplier of microwave acid digestion systems is pleased to introduce MARSXpress Disposable Liners, the latest breakthrough in sample preparation for trace metals analysis. Disposable liners are constructed of Teflon material and are used to eliminate between run cleaning of the digestion vessel. They also eliminate the potential for sample carryover from run to run. Disposable liners work in MARS 6 microwave digestion systems equipped with iWave temperature measurement sensors.  iWave LET is capable of seeing through the vessel and liner material to measure the actual temperature of the sample solution.  Disposable liners are a new disruptive technology with worldwide patents pending.


"Disposable liners will bring major savings to high throughput labs," commented Michael J. Collins, President and CEO of CEM Corporation. "Eliminating the need to clean vessels between runs will save technician time as well as speed up the overall digestion process, allowing for more samples to be run in less time. It is the perfect accessory for high throughput commercial testing labs running USEPA 3051a and 3015a."




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