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Extraction and UPLC Analysis of Pesticides from Hops

January 28, 2019
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The EDGE® automated solvent extraction system is the most advanced system available for extraction and clean-up of pesticide residues from difficult matrices, including hops and cannabis. It utilizes a combination of pressurized fluid extraction and dispersive solid phase extraction to drastically reduce the sample preparation time and potential for human error. The system provides a complete pesticide residue extraction in only 5 minutes in a single step while eliminating matrix interferences. The 5-minute complete sample filtration, including cooling, and system cleaning, allows 12 samples to be extracted in one hour, making EDGE the ideal sample preparation system for high-throughput extraction of samples considered difficult due to background interferences.



More and more consumers want to know what is in their food, particularly anything that could be harmful, such as pesticides. There is a driving need for pesticide analysis and the list of pesticides regulated throughout the world continues to increase. The QuEChERS method has become a widely accepted method to extract pesticides from food matrices. Due to the large number of pesticides to monitor and the low method detection limits, pesticide analysis can be a big challenge. Alternative methods can help aid in this challenge giving improved recoveries for difficult matrices with a faster and simplified method.

The manual multi-step process of the QuEChERS method requires multiple sample transfers and generates a lot of consumable waste. With the EDGE, the sample and sorbents are together in a single sample cell, meaning extraction and cleanup are performed in one step. The food sample is extracted in under 5 minutes using the patent pending Q-Cup™ technology which performs both extraction and cleanup of the sample. The collected extract is filtered, cooled, and ready for analysis. Included in the run time is both the rinsing of the sample and washing of the system, ensuring no carryover. EDGE offers the fastest pesticide extraction possible in one simple method.