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The first ever rapid fat analyzer with no method development
ORACLE is the first ever rapid fat analyzer that requires absolutely no method development. At the touch of a button. ORACLE can analyze fat in any food sample with reference chemistry accuracy, without any prior knowledge of the sample matrix and composition. Read more...
Rapid Moisture + NMR - moisture/solids and fat for all products
This next-generation system takes all of the accuracy and reproducibility of the award-winning SMART Trac™ to the next level. With a specialized magnet that analyzes fat in only 8 seconds, SMART Trac II is twice as fast as its predecessor. The system is more accurate than NIR or FTIR and does not require costly calibrations. The SMART Trac II combines advanced NMR technology with the superior drying capability of the SMART 6 for unmatched fat and moisture results fast. Read more...
NMR only - moisture and fat for dry products
Analyze dry food products in the FAST Trac in less than 2 minutes! The FAST Trac utilizes second generation NMR technology to accurately and rapidly measure fat and moisture. There is no need for a microwave drying step due to the advancement of IFM™ technology, which allows the FAST Trac to meaasure moisture simultaneously with fat directly in the NMR. The FAST Trac also utilizes QuikPrep™ technology to rapidly condition samples in less than a minute directly above the magnet, minimizing error and user test time. This is truly an advancement in NMR technology. Read more...

MEAT Trac Analyzer
Rapid Moisture + NMR - moisture and fat for all meat products
Specifically designed for meat and meat products, the MEAT Trac Analyzer provides fast, accurate fat and moisture results without solvents or costly calibration maintenance.  It is more accurate and cost-effective than NIR and does not require recalibration due to changes in formulation. Meets the requirements for Official AOAC Method 2008.06. Read more...
ProFat Meat Analyzer
ProFat Meat Analyzer
Microwave Only - moisture, fat, protein, and ash for raw meat
Measure fat, protein, moisture, and ash in raw meat samples and pre-blends accurately in minutes. The rapid analysis can be used for process control to make blend corrections, release materials, and ensure least cost formulation. Read more...

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