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Fat, Moisture, & Protein in Raw Meats

January 11, 2018
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Rapid and accurate fat determination in raw meat and poultry products are critical for maximizing profitability and allow manufacturers to more precisely control their raw material and blending costs by minimizing the use of more expensive lean meat. Least Cost Formulation (LCF) is often utilized to optimize the use of low cost materials, while still meeting required ingredient guidelines and constraints for a given product. This can be especially challenging in an industry where raw material costs and availability constantly fluctuate. In order for LCF and other process control practices to be effective, it is essential for manufacturers to have a rapid, accurate means of fat testing available.

The ProFat™ Meat Analyzer is an ideal solution for accurate and precise fat, moisture, and protein determination of raw meats and blends in a single measurement. The system combines a direct microwave moisture measurement with data modeling for fat and protein analysis of various meat samples (e.g. beef, pork, chicken, turkey, and fish). This multi-component rapid analysis can be used for process control to make blend corrections, release materials, and ensure LCF. The ProFat can also be used to verify and maintain performance of in-line NIR (Near Infrared) or X-ray devices. The system’s accuracy is comparable to standard fat extraction, oven drying, and protein titration methods, for moisture, fat, and protein respectively, with better repeatability often observed.

To demonstrate the ability of the ProFat Meat Analyzer to accurately and reliably determine fat, moisture, and protein content in raw meats and blends, an assortment of six samples were obtained and analyzed.