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Part #: HYBTRAC6

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Moisture and Fat analyzer for wet and try products


The HYBRIDTrac consists of a stand-alone NMR unit coupled with a SMART 6 microwave drying system. It has the capability of analyzing fat and moisture in low moisture samples utilizing the NMR system only, and analyzing fat and moisture in high moisture products with the SMART 6 and NMR unit. Neither option requires solvents or calibration. The package includes a one year warranty, FAST Trac software package, SMART NMR software package, integrated heater, standards, Trac Station Kit, 1 roll of Trac Film, 5 Trac Tubes, SMART 6 Accessory kit, fuses and power line conditioner. The HYBRIDTrac is equipped with a 17 inch glass capacitance touchscreen, as well as an additional Keyboard and mouse for flexibility.

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