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The iPrep™ vessel has higher operating parameters than any other vessel and can digest up to twice as much sample per run. Larger samples ensure homogeneity and increase limits of detection, a plus for any lab.


  • Digest difficult organic samples at higher temperatures to achieve a clear digest
  • Digest up to twice as much sample per run
  • Accurately measure the temperature of every sample with iWave™
  • Patented dual-seal design

Innovative Design

Hand Torque Tool

There’s no need to use a heavy wrench to assemble iPrep vessels. Our custom fit hand torque tool makes it easy to properly assemble the iPrep vessels, while reducing hand fatigue. One click is all it takes to apply the correct amount of torque, every time; making it impossible to over-tighten or under-tighten the vessels.

Watch hand torque tool video

Dual-Seal Advantage

The high temperature and pressure conditions afforded by this seal and vessel design provide for the complete digestion of difficult organics, such as PET, bunker oil, organic dyes, toner, thermoplastics, and many other difficult to digest materials.

2X Capacity

In addition, its large 110 mL volume allows for larger sample sizes, as compared to other high performance vessels.

Elemental Integrity

The dual-seal function provides for unmatched control of the byproducts from digestions such as CO2 and NOx fumes. These are precisely vented outside the vessel, while maintaining the full integrity of all elements, even volatile analytes such as As, Se, and Hg.


iWave utilizes the emission of light from the sample (solution) to rapidly and accurately measure temperature. It reads the temperature of the solution itself, instead of reading the temperature of the vessel.


Preparing difficult samples
is no longer a problem.

Using only nitric acid, the following materials can be completely digested at the listed maximum sample size. Note that samples containing silicates provide clear and colorless samples, but with silicates at the bottom of the vessel. The addition of HF would completely digest those samples.

Sample Type

Max Size


Waste Fuel Oil 0.5 grams Clear
Bunker Oil 0.25 grams Clear
PET Pellet 0.5 grams Clear
Kevlar 0.4 grams Clear
Toray Filter 1 filter Clear
API with Aromatic Ring 0.5 grams Clear
Rh Sponge 0.2 grams Clear
Toner 0.3 grams Clear with some silicates
(HF would completely digest)
Coal 0.3 grams Clear with some silicates
(HF would completely digest)

Digest organic samples
at higher temperatures.

The patented dual-seal technology of the iPrep vessel allows it to reach higher temperatures than other high performance vessels. Digesting difficult organic samples at higher temperatures solubilizes them faster and more consistently, leading to ease in elemental analysis.

The temperature graph shows an iPrep vessel ramping an organic sample to 250° C and holding that temperature for the remainder of the digestion. This temperature has not been possible before iPrep.

iPrep works with iWave
to heat samples evenly.

Measure and control the temperature of every iPrep vessel with iWave technology. iWave is a contactless in-situ temperature measurement technology that is as accurate as a temperature probe without the probe. The precision of iWave allows iPrep vessels to reach higher temperatures, while the accuracy of the temperature measurement allows the MARSTM 6 to adjust the power output to maintain temperature consistency of just a few degrees. This tight control ensures that all samples in a batch reach the programmed temperature and yield clear, consistent digests.


High Performance Vessels

The most advanced
digestion vessel
ever made.

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