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iWave™ is a contactless in-situ temperature sensor for the MARS™ 6 that is as accurate as fiber optic probes. With this wireless sensor, the sample is being measured, and not the vessel. You’ll get a report that validates that each individual sample reached the proper temperature.

How It Works

iWave is proprietary technology that utilizes the emission of light from the sample (solution) to rapidly and accurately measure temperature. It reads the temperature of the solution itself, instead of reading the temperature of the vessel. This makes iWave the most accurate temperature sensor. The iWave sensors are floor-mounted inside the cavity of the MARS 6 microwave digestion system. Every time a vessel rotates past an iWave sensor, the temperature is accurately measured in real time. This allows the advanced MARS 6 software to automatically make power adjustments to ensure you have a successful acid digestion.



If you’re accustomed to using a temperature probe, you know the hassle of setting them up. It’s true that probes are accurate, but with iWave LET you get that same accuracy without taking the time to set up the probes. Those minutes add up over a long day of digesting samples, and with iWave, you’ll be moving that much faster, saving on labor costs.


With the iWave LET you’ll have the most accurate temperature reading of not just one vessel, but of all vessels. By monitoring all vessels, the MARS 6 can detect sudden changes in temperature of any vessel. The system will instantly adjust the power to maintain optimum digestion conditions.


Before iWave, probes were the most accurate way to measure the temperature of a sample. To get results, probes are subjected to acid and high heat. Over time, probes will break and need to be replaced. This is costly, and can put a lab in a bind if a probe breaks and there are no spares handy. With iWave, no probes are needed because it’s contactless, but just as accurate. Probes are a thing of the past.

iWave Comparison Chart

There are many different approaches to detecting the temperature of samples during the microwave digestion process. All previous sensors have strengths and weaknesses. With iWave, you get all of the strenghts, and none of the weaknesses.
IR Sensor from the side is just OK
The side exterior surface of the vessel is measured.
The vessel must be filled with enough solution to reach the sensor.
IR signal is read from a longer distance
IR Sensor from the bottom is Good
The bottom exterior surface is measured.
This provides a more consistent measurement than a side sensor.
Less solution can be used.
IR Sensor with a Probe is Better
A probe is submerged, which allows the interior surface to be measured. This is very accurate.
Probes are more of a hassle to set up, and break over time.
Only one probe is used in a control vessel.
iWave Technology is Best
iWave has all of the strengths, and none of the weaknesses of previous sensor technology.
It's as accurate as using a probe inside the vessel because it sees though the surface of the vessel and measures the light emitted from the liquid using LET technology.
iWave measures the temperature of the solution in all the vessels eliminating the need for a reference vessel.
It’s as easy as contactless sensors, but with the accuracty of a submerged probe.

iWave Options for



Get iWave sensors on your existing MARS 6.

Anyone with a MARS 6 can upgrade their system to have the most accurate and convenient iWave sensors. Contact us, and we will work with you to schedule a time for a technician to visit your location. The iWave sensors will be professionally installed by a CEM certified technician. Request a quote


Can I upgrade my old MARS system with iWave sensors?
Yes, but only MARS 6 systems can be upgraded. MARS 5 models or earlier are not compatible with iWave.

What vessels are iWave compatible?
EasyPrep™, EasyPrep Plus, MARSXpress™ Plus, and MARSXpress.

If I upgrade my MARS system to have iWave, will I need new methods?
No. The MARS 6 software will automatically make adjustments for you. You’re workflow and methods will not need to change.


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