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Liberty Blue HT24 System Upgrade

Liberty Blue HT24 System Upgrade

Part #: 925624

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The Liberty Blue™ HT24 System Upgrade converts a Discover to an automated microwave peptide synthesizer designed for Fmoc solid phase peptide synthesis. The system is capable of automated synthesis of a single peptide. The standard synthesis scale is 0.1 to 0.5 mmol using a 30mL reaction vessel. The Liberty Blue™ uses a Discover single mode microwave reactor that provides for self-tuning with a continuous power delivery from 0-300 Watts in 1-Watt increments. The system contains 20 ports standard for amino acids, 7 additional unusual amino acid ports, and 4 external ports for other reagents. All reagent deliveries are controlled by nitrogen pressure. Amino acid, activator, and activator base are delivered with the Flex-Add technology allowing for precise and accurate delivery. This configuration incorporates the HT24 Resin Loader, allowing the Liberty Blue System to synthesize up to 24 peptides sequentially.