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Liberty Blue PRIME

Liberty Blue PRIME

A revolutionary new concept for solid phase peptide synthesis.

In-Situ Solvent Recycling And Evaporation Based Washing

take HE-SPPS to the next level

  • The most advanced platform available for microwave peptide synthesis
  • In-Situ solvent recycling process
  • Evaporation based washing
  • Unprecedented waste reduction
  • 3 minute cycle time, 50% waste reduction, compared to Liberty Blue
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A Complete Liberty Package for Peptide Synthesis Includes:

In-Situ Solvent Recycling
This exciting new feature allows for the deprotection reaction to take place in thepreviouscouplingreactionsolution. With this process the previous reaction solution is recycled, thereby eliminating the need for new solvent for the subsequent deprotection. Additionally, time is saved because no ramp time is needed to raise the deprotection solution temperature. The result is a more efficient and rapid process.
Evaporation Based Washing
The PRIME upgrade features a vacuum based removal of the deprotection base at elevated temperature. By removing the deprotection base through evaporation, subsequent washing steps required after the deprotection reaction are saved. The result is the requirement of only a single wash step after the deprotection reaction, thereby reducing waste and cycle time.
Enhanced Hardware Features
The Liberty Blue PRIME features enhanced delivery options of the Main Wash and Deprotection solutions compared to the Liberty Blue system. These reagents are delivered by a pre-calibrated pumping system, not requiring calibration or affected by restriction changes in the delivery path. This reduces system maintenance and provides an ideal system for GMP processes that is free of calibration.
Liberty Blue PRIME
Liberty Blue PRIME
Evaporation Based Washing

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