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MARS 6 Synthesis Features

Robust and Dependable Design

The custom-engineered microwave cavity of the MARS 6 is constructed of high-grade 316 solid-steel for maximum safety and coupled with a heavy-duty, spring-mounted door, featuring safety interlocks. Dual magnetrons provide ample power (1800 W) for high-throughput synthesis, and strategically designed waveguides disperse microwave energy uniformly throughout the cavity, providing even heating. CEM’s patented solid-state isolators protect the magnetron from reflected microwave energy, prolonging the lifespan of the system.

Intuitive Software

Designed to make microwave synthesis virtually effortless, the intuitive MARS 6 software features guided method programming for user-defined control as well as a pre-loaded OneTouch method library to take the guess work out of sample preparation. Training videos can be accessed directly from the touchscreen to educate new users on proper vessel assembly, system operation, and maintenance. During the run, temperature, pressure, and power graphs are displayed in real-time on the built-in touchscreen. Following reactions, run data and methods can be recalled easily and exported onto a USB or printed from the built-in printer option.

Advanced Temperature Control

Accurate temperature control is critical for controlled heating. The MARS 6 features only the best options for temperature measurement. Inert to microwave energy, the fiber optic temperature probe provides direct in situ temperature measurement of a reference vessel for rapid feedback during both sealed and open vessel reactions. Contactless, volume-independent infrared (IR) sensors accurately measure temperature of all sealed vessels during parallel runs, including those positioned in the inner row of high-throughput vessel sets. When both temperature options are configured on the MARS 6, the DuoTemp technology can dynamically adjust the “Control Vessel” to prevent excessive venting or exothermic reactions.

Optimum Power Delivery

A constant application of microwave energy reduces reaction time and provides consistent results. The MARS 6 PowerMAX™ automatic power control technology dynamically adjusts the power throughout the run to maintain a constant energy input without over energizing the reactions. This safe and controlled application of microwave energy creates an optimal environment for reaction heating.

Unsurpassed Safety

In addition to the durable cavity design and safety interlock door, the MARS 6 has several additional sensors to ensure end-user safety at all times. The ReactiGuard™ acoustic sensor can immediately disable the magnetrons while MARS 6 software can also stop unit operation if vessel overheating is sensed or if the turntable stops rotating. Additionally, password protected user accounts can be setup to prevent untrained personnel from operating the system. The end result is an instrument which allows users to explore new chemistry in a safe and controlled environment.

Complete Applications Flexibility

The ability to configure the MARS 6 with appropriate control options, coupled with a full line of vessel technologies, accommodates a variety of chemistries within the realm of synthesis, acid digestion, and extraction. Perform multi-gram to nearly kilogram scale syntheses, teach classes of up to 40 students, use inert atmosphere or add and remove reagents…organic, inorganic, and materials chemistry can all be performed with one microwave system.