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Standard Reaction Vessel Assembly

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  1. Reaction Vessel Attenuator Assembly for Liberty Blue

    Reaction Vessel Attenuator Assembly for Liberty Blue

    Part #: 551050

    The Reaction Vessel Attenuator Assembly consists of the Liberty Blue attenuator assembly, tubing, and 30 mL reaction vessel. Learn More
  2. 181395

    1/8" to 3/16" PEEK Union

    Part #: 181395

    The 1/8" to 3/16" PEEK Union allows the connection of a piece of 1/8" OD tubing to a piece of 3/16" OD tubing. Learn More
  3. 217410-5

    Disposable Frit Kit

    Part #: 217410-5

    Pack of 5 disposable frits for the Liberty Blue 2-piece reaction vessel. Learn More
  4. 217400

    2-Piece Reaction Vessel Body

    Part #: 217400

    Replacement body of the 2-Piece reaction vessel for the Liberty Blue. Does not include the vessel o-ring nor disposable frit. Learn More
  5. 181395

    1/8" to 1/8" PEEK Union

    Part #: 141620

    The 1/8" to 1/8" PEEK Union allows the connect of two pieces of 1/8" OD tubing. Learn More
  6. 217185

    Reagent Spray Head

    Part #: 217185

    The Reagent Spray Head is designed to direct the coupling reagents directly onto the resin. Learn More
  7. Reaction Vessel O-ring

    Reaction Vessel O-ring

    Part #: 167731

    Reaction Vessel O-ring Learn More
  8. 516020

    Fiber-Optic Probe Catch

    Part #: 516020

    The Fiber-Optic Probe Catch slides over the fiber-optic probe and the thermowell of the reaction vessel attenuator assembly to secure the probe. Learn More
  9. Thermowell with Resin Disruptor

    Thermowell with Resin Disruptor

    Part #: 551145

    The Thermowell with Resin Disruptor is a sapphire sheath used to protect the fiber-optic temperature probe. Learn More
  10. Wash Solvent Spray Head

    Wash Solvent Spray Head

    Part #: 194075

    The Wash Solvent Spray head is an 0.75" fitting designed to direct wash solvent to the sides of the vessel. Learn More

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