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PETWave Hot Cell Microwave Synthesis System

PETWave Hot Cell Microwave Synthesis System

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Microwave system for hot cell applications such as F-18 drying, radiolabeling, post synthesis hydrolysis, and more.


The PETWave consists of a compact microwave cavity that is positioned in a hot cell and connected to a controller outside of the cell via a microwave transmission cable. The microwave cavity has an integral temperature feedback control system with forced gas cooling feature for accelerated cooling of the vessel contents. The system includes a set of 1,2, and 4 mL conical vessels with a 7-port PEEK head and screw-on cap with septa. The remote controller is used to program and control the microwave cavity operation. The system can be used for F-18 drying, radiolabeling, and post synthesis hydrolysis.
HEATING RATE 2 – 6 °C/second
TEMPERATURE 30 – 300 °C or boiling point of solution
Volume-independent Infrared (IR) temperature measurement
PRESSURE Designed for heating at atmospheric conditions.
OPERATING VOLUME 50 µL – 0.5 mL (1-mL conical vial)
100 µL – 1.0 mL (2-mL conical vial)
250 µL – 2.5 mL (5-mL conical vial)
POWER 0 – 200 W
REACTION AGITATION Electromagnetic stirring with adjustable speeds (Teflon® coated stir bars are suitable)
AIR COOLING ≥25 psi (20 L/min flow)
User-supplied for post-reaction quenching
SYSTEM CONTROL Synergy™ software (via Ethernet/IP) or on-board key pad. The system also understands basic LIMS commands.
WEIGHT Discover controller: 38 lbs (17.3 kg)
PETwave cavity: 10 lbs (4.5 kg)
DIMENSIONS PETwave cavity: 4.5”W x 5.0”D x 6.0”H (11.43 cm x 12.7 cm x 15.24 cm)
*Placed inside the hot cell.
Discover controller: 14.2"W x 16.9"D x 11.2" H (36.1 cm x 42.9 cm x 28.4 cm)
*Placed within 8 ft of the hot cell.
ELECTRICAL 120 VAC (90-140 VAC), 60 Hz, 10A @ 120 VAC (United States, Canada, Japan)
220/240 VAC (202-250 VAC), 50 Hz, 5A @ 240VAC