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Cooling Fan

The furnace cooling fan rapidly and safely reduces the furnace temperature.

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The Phoenix Workstation option transforms your microwave muffle furnace into a complete center for accurate ashing and data compilation. The system utilizes the furnace’s built-in serial and parallel ports to connect to a balance for weighing and a printer for complete documentation of the ashing process to assist you in complying with ISO and other QC requirements.

calibration image

Calibration Source Instrument

The calibration source instrument and built-in system software allow rapid calibration of the temperature control circuitry of the Phoenix Microwave Ashing Systems. A NIST traceable certificate of calibration is supplied with the instrument.

dual  element thermocouple image

Dual Element Thermocouple

The type K Dual Element Thermocouple contains two thermocouples in one sheath. While one thermocouple controls the operating temperature, the second thermocouple can be connected to a digital thermometer to verify the accuracy of the controlling thermocouple. It is NIST traceable with a certificate of calibration.