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SMART 6 Features


One Touch Technology

A simple touch is all it takes. Leave method development behind with SMART 6 One Touch Technology®. A library of ready-to-use methods is ready for download to test virtually any sample type. When coupled with iDri™ Technology, testing has never been easier or faster.

Bringing a new product online is simple with SMART 6, with little or no method development required for most samples. Different facilities within an organization can use the same method to generate the same results across the board.
Simplicity is in the design with intuitive software controls and easy-to-use touchscreen.

Training Videos


Data Storage

Store virtually unlimited test results and methods. Real-time results are displayed as the sample is being tested, then quickly stored for later analysis.

LIMS Connection

Connect directly to an existing LIMS network for up to the minute information where it's needed.

Statistical Analysis

SMART 6 SPC graph.jpg 

Use At-line

Use the SMART 6 directly on the production floor with an IP65 compliant option that provides protection from water and the elements.

Intelli-Temp™ Temperature Control

Continuous feedback during the drying process eliminates sample burning. This patented system assures that power is automatically adjusted to reach and maintain the user-defined temperature setpoint.