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Trityl Acid Linker

Trityl SpheriTide furnishes a peptide acid following cleavage and offers all the synthetic capability of an acid sensitive linker. In addition to the benefits of the novel resin core, Trityl SpheriTide:
  • Reduces diketopiperazine and 3-(1-piperidinyl)alanine formation as compared to Wang resins
  • Eliminates Cys and His epimerization issues common when loading Wang or HMPA resins
  • Allows access to protected or deprotected peptide acids
  • Has a more shelf stabile linker than a standard trityl chloride linker
  • Is fully compatible with rapid, high temperature peptide synthesis unlike standard 2-chlorotrityl resins

Choosing TRT-OH or TRT-DCA

Both the hydroxide and dichloroacetic acid (DCA) forms of Trityl SpheriTide feature all of the above benefits. Trityl-OH (TRT-OH) requires a two-step chlorination and loading process which is performed manually just like other trityl hydroxide resins.

Trityl-DCA (TRT-DCA) offers a simple, one step microwave loading procedure which can be entirely automated using the Liberty Blue™ Automated Peptide Synthesizer. This stable acid resin allows for use of a single resin for the synthesis of any peptide acid sequence, replacing the need to offer over 20 resins already pre-loaded with the first amino acid.
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SpheriTide® is a registered trademark of Spheritech Ltd. and is patented under PCT/EP2012/057264 and exclusively licensed by CEM Corporation.

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  1. Cl-MPA ProTide Resin (LL)

    Cl-MPA ProTide Resin (LL)

    Part #: R006
    Starting at $50

    The ultimate resin recommended for longer and more difficult sequences of peptide acids. Based on ideal swelling properties from a TentaGel® core incorporating PEG PS with a loading of 0.15 – 0.25mmol/g. This resin is unmatched for the routine synthesis of difficult peptides even > 75 amino acids. This resin features an activated chloride linker, allowing for attachment of the first amino acid in an unactivated form. Learn More
  2. Cl-TCP(Cl) ProTide Resin

    Cl-TCP(Cl) ProTide Resin

    Part #: R005
    Starting at $95

    A powerful resin recommended for the synthesis of peptides with acid linkages < 30 amino acids. Based on ideal swelling properties from incorporating a PEG PS core with a loading of 0.4 - 0.6 mmol/g. This resin features an activated chloride linker, allowing for attachment of the first amino acid in an unactivated form. This resin is recommended for protection of c-terminal cysteine and proline residues due to its steric protection against diketopiperazine formation and 3-(1-Piperidinyl) alanine formation. Learn More

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