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Total Fat Extraction of Hot Dogs and Potted Meat

May 30, 2018
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The extraction of fat from food is crucial in the food industry for product formulation and because food labels must report both saturated and unsaturated fat content. Furthermore, educated consumers want to know what is in their food and pay particular attention to the fat content. In an industry with lots of quality control and that is increasingly becoming more consumer driven, time becomes a critical factor. Food manufacturers are burdened with additional testing before product release, making speed of analysis a critical factor. In this application note, EDGE ®, with its patent pending Q-Cup Technology™, can extract total fat from hot dogs and potted meat in less than 5 minutes.



Total fat extraction can be a challenge due to the potential of the fat being entrapped by the matrix. Traditional methods, such as Soxhlet, have been found to be effective; however, they require lots of time, use lots of solvent, and are destructive to the sample. In the demanding food industry there is a huge need to determine fat content quickly and safely.

Beyond the food labeling needs, analyzing for food contaminants is increasingly important. When analyzing for food contaminants there is often a need to further process a sample after fat extraction. Most traditional methods destroy the sample during the fat extraction making further processing impossible. With EDGE, the fat extraction from hot dogs and potted meat is completed in under 5 min. The EDGE process is non-destructive and the extracted sample is ready for further analysis. Included in the run time are the extraction, filtration, cooling, and system washing.

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