Future Speed of the BLADE Microwave Digestion System

Highest Throughput

Processing samples quickly and efficiently is critical for laboratory operation. The combination of the high energy focused cavity and rapid vortexing of the sample provide for complete digestions in a few minutes, including cool down. The ability to process mixed samples and acid combinations further streamlines the process as compared to batch microwave systems. You can even interrupt the queue to add a “rush sample” with ease allowing labs to charge a premium price for rapid turnaround. At the end of the run the technician simply removes the rack and transports the samples to the fume hood for final dilution. The BLADE incorporates speed, efficiency, and flexibility to provide the lowest cost per test of any microwave system.

Easy Snap Caps

Like its name implies the Easy Snap Cap is easily placed onto the top of the high purity quartz vessel providing an air tight seal. There is no vessel assembly or torquing required saving lots of time in sample preparation. At the end of the run the cap snaps off allowing for immediate dilution. The cap is disposable which eliminates the cleaning step of seal plugs or vessel caps. It cannot be any simpler.


The BLADE is a self-contained unit that can be up and running in minutes. No need for chillers or compressed gas supply, or the space required of these peripherals. Simply place the BLADE on the lab bench, plug it in, and turn it on. You will be ready for digestion in minutes.

Microwave Digestion System


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