80 mL Reaction Vial Pressure Accessory for the Discover Legacy
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This accessory provides all the necessary items to use the 80 mL Pyrex, sealed vessel in the Discover Legacy systems. The accessory kit includes two (2) 80 mL Pyrex thick-walled vessels, a vessel cover assembly with three ports, an attenuator assembly to seal and lock the microwave cavity, and a remote pressure module with integrated venting mechanism and pressure relief port. A cleaning kit is also included.  Thermowell not included.

The 80 mL vessel has operating limits of 200°C and 200 psi if using IR temperature control, and 250°C and 250 psi if using fiber optic temperature control.  The pressure sensor feature has a safetyrelief mechanism for pressures over 250 psi and a user activated venting mechanism incorporated directly into the top of the 80 mL vessel to ensure zero pressure before accessing the vessel after a reaction.

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Additional Information

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