A Comparison of Cannabis Potency Extraction Methods

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With the continued growth of the cannabis industry, and the further progression of the legislation around it, accurate methods for the determination of the cannabinoids in cannabis plant material and products are increasingly needed. The cannabinoid content in cannabis and its products is of interest because it defines the legality of the material. In addition to the legal aspect, accurately measuring the cannabinoid content can also help guide consumers who are pursuing cannabis for recreational versus medicinal purposes. A major hindrance in the development of potency methods is the inconsistent approaches to how the material is stored and extracted, which can alter the cannabinoid profile in the material.

The EDGE®, an automated extraction system, was utilized to extract cannabinoids from cannabis material. Several methods for potency were compared to observe extraction-dependent changes in the cannabinoid profile of a high-THC cannabis plant, and the resulting extraction data for the cannabinoids were compared to a hand method validated by Convergence Laboratories. The EDGE’s extractions produced excellent recoveries for the typical cannabinoids measured, meeting or exceeding the results of the validated manual method. Thus, the EDGE is an excellent option for laboratories seeking to automate their potency extraction workflow.

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