ACS-New York Microwave Technology Seminar

Join CEM's Gabrielle Thalhamer and Sarah Lewis, Ph.D. for an interactive microwave technology presentation and hands-on instrument demonstration at the New York ACS Local Section meeting!  Microwave technology is rapidly becoming a common tool in manufacturing quality control processes, chemical analysis, and the synthesis of therapeutic drugs. This faster, greener, and more efficient technology has enabled scientists in academia and industry to realize shorter reaction times, improveyield, and access new chemical space as compared to conventional synthetic methods. Microwaves have also been successfully integrated into over 1,000 academic laboratories; many institutions are incorporating microwave-assisted experiments into their teaching and research labs as a way to expand course curriculums and introduce green chemistry principles to students early in their academic careers.


The seminar will be held at Queensborough Community College in Queens, NY on Friday, February 1, 2019 at 3 pm.   Members of the New York ACS Local section and their colleagues are cordially invited to the workshop.  Students are welcome!


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