CEM Phoenix Microwave System with Sulfated Ashing Option


The CEM Phoenix Microwave System with Sulfated Ashing Option is microwave muffle furnace that allows the pharmaceutical industry to perform Residue On Ignition (ROI) or Sulfated Ash tests for the evaluation of raw materials, excipients and quality control for finished products while safely removing and neutralizing Sulfur and Nitric Acid vapors.

The system eliminates procedures that are operator-dependent, such as Bunsen burners, heat lamps, and hot plates. Computer control of multi-stage methods allows each step to be quantified for documentation and validation and frees laboratory personnel for other tasks.

An NIST traceable Dual Thermocouple allows simultaneous measurement of the furnace chamber temperature by an appropriate digital temperature meter. The software in the Sulfated Ashing System, in conjunction with the NIST traceable Thermocouple Calibration Source Instrument, allows calibration of the temperature controller with the time and date recorded in the computer memory to be displayed or printed.

The CEM Phoenix Microwave Ashing System consists of:
  1. Microwave heating system;
  2. Dual Thermocouple - NIST traceable for temperature verification;
  3. Furnace insert with continuous silicone carbide heating element lining the furnace walls for temperature uniformity of not more than ± 25° C from point to point within the furnace chamber;
  4. Silicone carbide heating element lining the furnace walls where it will not damage metallic crucibles;
  5. Computer controls for:
    • Program storage and recall of multi step ROI procedures,
    • Full documentation of method, completion date and time,
    • Work Station to incorporate balance and printer to eliminate weighing and computational errors,
    • RS232 computer port for data transfer to LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), and
    • Integrated software program allows rapid calibration and documentation of temperature controller;
  6. Exhaust System to remove the heat;
  7. Acid collection and neutralization system to remove and neutralize acid vapors; and
  8. Furnace Cooling Fan for rapid cooling to starting temperatures for sulfated ashing procedures.
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