Digestion of Mixed Oils and Polymers in a Single Batch

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Heavy oils, such as bunker oil and polymers like PET, present difficulties for microwave sample preparation for metals analysis. It is the viscosity of the bunker oil, and the density of the thermoplastics such as PET, that make these materials a challenge. Previously, only very small sample sizes of 100 mg or less could be digested successfully, which made it difficult for lower detection limits. In addition, they had to be run individually to provide a complete digestion.


CEM has recently pioneered a major advancement in vessel technology. Using patented dual-seal technology, the iPrepTM vessel can run at higher temperatures and pressures, which are required for the digestion of extremely difficult samples. The MARS 6 system, with precise iWave temperature control of every vessel, and iPrep vessels will be used to prepare a variety of heavy fuel oils and dense polymer materials in a single batch.