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Microwave synthesis
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The Discover® SP is a powerful microwave synthesizer for performing a wide range of organic and inorganic synthetic chemistry. The system features a best-in-class 300 mL single-mode microwave cavity, allowing for extremely flexible reaction vessel sizes, in both pressurized and open vessel modes.


  • Large, single-mode microwave cavity (uses glassware up to 80 mL, pressurized; 125 mL, open vessel round bottom flask)
  • Activent® vent and re-seal technology allows for safe handling of over-pressurization
  • Highly accurate infrared (IR) temperature control for reliable data
  • Variable speed magnetic stirring
  • Rapid compressed air cooling for quick cool-downs
  • Widest range of accessories available

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Microwave Synthesis

Most microwave reactions are done in as little as 10 minutes.

Temperatures up to 300 °C can safely be reached in a matter of minutes, using the Discover SP. The higher the temperature, the faster the reaction. This means that most microwave reactions are complete in as little as 10 minutes, rather than 8 hours or overnight with convective heating.

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Temperature Sensors

Precise temperature measurement.

Floor-mounted (IR)

Our patented floor mounted IR temperature sensors make your work easy. Since the vessel temperature is measured below, you won’t have to worry about the volume in your vessel as you do with other systems. Our design requires only two vessel sizes to cover the same range of working volumes as three (or even four vessels) on systems with side mounted IR sensors.

Electromagnetic Stirring

With vigorous electromagnetic stirring, a completely homogeneous reaction solution is ensured.

Fiber optic Temperature Probe (Optional)

Optional in-situ fiber optic temperature control is recommended for viscous reactions.

Discover SP Microwave Synthesizer Flexibility


Perform pressurized or open-vessel reactions.

Discover SP is the only single-mode microwave synthesis system capable of also performing open-vessel reactions, using standard laboratory glassware and condensers. Discover SP is compatible with reagent addition/removal and overhead stirring.

Perform either pressurized reactions in 10, 35, or 80 mL vials or non-pressurized, open-vessel reactions in standard laboratory glassware up to 125 mL round-bottom flask. Continuous flow vessels are also available.

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Discover SP Microwave Synthesizer Safety and Control

Safety and Control

The safest way to perform pressurized reactions.

Our patented Activent® vessel caps offer the safest way to perform pressurized reactions. By automatically relieving gaseous by-products, they provide safety by minimizing over-pressurization. This significantly reduces vial failures, allows your reactions to reach higher temperatures, and the caps offer a secure seal, without the need for crimping tools.

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Discover SP Microwave Synthesizer Power Efficiency

Power Efficiency

We do more,
with less power.

Our patented cavity design compensates for the changing chemical properties of the reaction and allows the optimum amount of microwave energy to reach the reaction, to ensure safe heating. This efficiency allows the system to use up to 300 W of power, more effectively than any other microwave reactor.

Discover SP Microwave Synthesizer Automation


Fully automated reaction handling.

Both Discover SP Explorer autosamplers can accept 10 mL or 35 mL, sealed vessels. You will have the flexibility to mix vessel sizes however you like, in a single batch.

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Discover SP Microwave Synthesizer Camera


Watch your reactions in real-time.

The optional integrated camera allows you to see changes occurring during your reaction. It’s the perfect tool for documentation and publication support.

  • Plug-n-play
  • Fully adjustable
  • Compact and easy-to-use

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Discover SP Microwave Synthesizer Gas Addition

Discover® Gas Addition

Use gaseous reagents with safety and ease.

The Gas Addition accessory is the only system specially designed for single-mode microwave reactions with gaseous reagents. This accessory allows you to pull a vaccuum, purge the reaction vessel, and back-fill it with a gas. During the reaction, the gas source is completely shut off from the microwave, thereby ensuring your safety at all times.

Perform hydrogenations, carbonylations, or other reactions with gaseous reagents or simply use the vessel to ensure an inert atmosphere during microwave irradiation.

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Discover SP Microwave Synthesizer CoolMate

Discover® CoolMate™

Accelerate reactions
at sub-ambient temperatures.

The CoolMate™ is the only commercially available microwave accessory, designed to perform reactions at sub-ambient temperatures. Reactions such as lithiation, carbohydrate synthesis, and other temperature-sensitive chemistries can now benefit from the use of microwave energy. Accelerate reactions, even at temperatures as low as -80 ℃.

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