Disposable Microwave Digestion Vessels
Disposable Glass Vessels

From balance to analysis with no transfer.



Safe, simple, and high-throughput. Other digestion systems using disposable vessels are slow, require dangerous pressures, and can only digest half as many samples. The new CEM glass vessels revolutionize disposability for a fraction of the cost.


  • Weigh sample directly into the disposable vessel without static interference
  • Prepare a second set while another batch is running
  • Up to 24 samples can be digested simultaneously
  • Dilute samples directly in the glass vessel
  • Load onto ICP autosampler
  • Discard vessel – No washing

Innovative Design

1. Dual-Vent & Reseal Technology

The Disposable Glass Vessel’s patent pending dual-vent & reseal technology is designed to vent each vessel at moderate pressures so that digestions can be performed under safer conditions than other disposable systems.

2. Low-Cost Glass

Low-cost glass vessels keep the cost per test low while providing a low ppb levels of most elements.

3. Mini Chamber Pressurization

By heating a pressurizing fluid around the glass vessel provides for support of the thin walled glass vessel. This allows elevated temperatures and pressures to be achieved for a complete digestion.

4. Elemental Integrity

The dual-vent & reseal function provides for unmatched control of the byproducts from digestions such as CO2 and NOx fumes. These are precisely vented outside the vessel, while maintaining the full integrity of all elements, even volatile analytes such as As, Se, and Hg.

5. iWave

iWave utilizes the emission of light from the sample (solution) to rapidly and accurately measure temperature. It reads the temperature of the solution itself, instead of reading the temperature of the vessel.

CEM - High Temperature Digestions

Disposable Glass

Never wash vessels again.

Increase laboratory throughput and eliminate vessel washing. Disposable glass vessels are a cost efficient solution to increase productivity and eliminate cross contamination.

  • Eliminate carry-over
  • Reduce acid consumption
  • Save time and labor costs

CEM - High Temperature Digestions

Streamlined Workflow

From balance to analysis.

Samples can be weighed directly into the disposable glass vessels, eliminating static interference common with teflon vessels. The digestions are controlled and performed in these vessels. Dilute to 25 - 50 mL and place in your autosampler rack for analysis.

Eliminate Transfer
  1. Weigh directly into disposable glass vessel
  2. Add acid and perform digestion
  3. Dilute digested sample
  4. Place in autosampler for analysis


Clean Results

Get clean digests and eliminate vessel cleaning.

Disposable glass vessels are clean enough to achieve <5 ppb recoveries for most elements when run with acid only. Low detection capability may be inhibited due to inherent material contaminants including: B, Na, Mg, Al, K, and Ca.


Pick the option that’s best for you.

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