High Performance Vessels
EasyPrep Plus

Easy to use vessel for your tougher samples.



The EasyPrep Plus vessels are rugged high performance vessels that are good for preparing a wide variety of difficult to digest organic and inorganic materials. These include many types of oils and polymers as well as ceramics and catalysts.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for moderate to difficult to digest samples
  • High temperature/high pressure vessel
  • Broad range of applications

CEM - EasyPrep Plus - Easy to assemble


Digest high temperature samples with ease.

EasyPrep Plus vessels are an easy to assemble vessels with moderate throughput. They do not require the use of springs or membranes and don’t require preforming. The rugged frame module allows this simple vessel to reach the higher temperatures and pressures required for digestion of tough samples.

CEM - EasyPrep Plus - Strength

Strength When You Need It

Digest moderate or difficult samples.

This high temperature/high pressure vessel has moderate throughput for digestion of difficult samples like pigments & toner, coal, alpha alumina or digestion of large organic samples like food and plant/animal tissues when lower detection limits are critical.


What do you want
to digest today?

The following materials can be completely digested at the listed maximum sample size.

Sample Type

Max Size


Alpha Alumina 0.5 gram Clear
Animal and Fish Tissue 1.0 gram Clear
API with Aromatic Ring 0.2 gram Clear
Coal 0.3 gram Clear
Environmental Solids 0.5 gram Clear
Feeds and Fertilizer 1.0 gram Clear
Filter (paper & cellulose) 0.7 gram Clear
Foods 1.0 gram (dry weight) Clear
Infant/Geriatric Formula 1.0 gram (dry weight) Clear
Kevlar 0.2 gram Clear
Nutraceutical 1.0 gram Clear
Nylon 0.5 gram Clear
Pharmaceutical 0.5 gram Clear
Pigments & Toner 0.25 gram Clear
Plant Tissue 1.0 gram Clear
Polypropylene 0.5 gram Clear
SiO2 0.5 gram Clear
Stainless Steel 0.5 gram Clear
Waste Oil 0.25 gram Clear

Pick the option that’s best for you.

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