The Extraction of Cannabinoids from Hemp Flower

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With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing hemp, hemp producers are entering the market with new and large hemp crops. This increase in raw material has led to the need for efficient extraction methods to assess the potency of the material. For cannabis to be defined as hemp, the total THC content must be at, or lower than a specific level. Therefore, accurate determination of cannabinoid content is essential to the industry. Cannabis is a difficult and complex matrix to analyze. Extraction and cleanup generally go hand-in-hand, utilizing sorbents to remove undesirable constituents from the total extract. Typically, the QuEChERS method is used to extract the cannabinoid content from cannabis. This method has several disadvantages, including multiple sample transfers, substantial waste generation, and its manual nature. In this study, the EDGE® was used to extract cannabinoids from hemp flower and was shown to be more efficient than traditional methods at both low and high temperatures.

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