Extraction of Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds from Soil

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Soil is one of the most common matrices in which semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) are present. The extraction of these compounds from soil can be a lengthy and tedious process. The EDGE® is a revolutionary simple system for the rapid extraction of SVOCs from soil that is more than six times faster than other automated techniques. The Q-Cup® technology combines the process of Pressurized Fluid Extraction (PFE) and Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction (dSPE) in a single instrument that yields a fast, simple, and efficient extract. While maintaining all properties of PFE and adhering to US EPA 3545A, the EDGE also offers the benefits of the easy-to-assemble Q-Cup sample holder. The Q-Cup, with its unique open cell concept, creates a dispersive effect and promotes rapid extraction and filtration.

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