Improved Process Control for Cheese Products

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In cheese-making, there is a delicate balance between moisture, fat, and protein levels that plays an important role in the quality, flavor and mouth-feel of the final product. Accurately monitoring moisture, fat, and protein throughout the production process not only ensures the best quality finished product, but also has a direct impact on achieving optimum yields, and in turn, profitability.


The SMART  – ORACLE is a combination system for rapid moisture and fat determination with results in less than 5 minutes. The SMART 6 moisture and solids analyzer utilizes dual-frequency energy to rapidly analyze any product, wet or dry, in 3 minutes or less. ORACLE eliminates the need for method development by completely isolating the signal from fat molecules, even in complex sample matrices. Sprint is a direct protein measurement system, which utilizes dye-binding technology to ensure only true protein is detected, not total nitrogen, which can result in erroneous measurements when non-protein nitrogen is present. Sprint does not require regular calibrations, and methods are easy for any lab user to create. Competitive, rapid technologies (NIR, FT-IR, TD-NMR) require ongoing, expensive calibrations and method development for each unique sample due to variations in color, texture, and consistency.


In this study, results for moisture, fat, and protein analysis using CEM’s rapid testing technology compare favorably to reference chemistry with an average difference of less than 0.10 % for all tests. Using only a handful of pre-programmed methods, CEM provides highly accurate and precise results in minutes with better precision than both reference chemistry and competitive rapid technologies.