Interactive Experience with Microwave Technology in Teaching and Research Labs

Microwave technology has become a common tool for chemical synthesis with many academic institutions incorporations microwave-assisted experiments into their teaching and research labs.  Early introduction to innovative instrumentation, such as microwave reactors, teaches students to embrace ideas on the cutting edge of chemistry and better preparing them for technologies they will encounter in their careers.  With instruments placed in over 1000 universities and academic institutions, CEM has the experience and knowledge to help you turn students into scientists.


Thanks for joining CEM's Gabrielle Dusharm and Cameron University's Dr. Elizabeth Ann Nalley at the 25th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE) for an interactive teaching workshop!  The workshop included a review of microwave theory, a pedagogical comparison of both single and multi-mode technologies, and a hands-on demonstration of the CEM Discover SP and MARS 6 Synthesis microwave systems using experiments taught in Cameron University's organic chemistry labs.  Not able to attend the workshop or conference?  Request the presentation slides now!  Learn how to simplify your undergraduate organic laboratory with fast and clean laboratory experiments designed for CEM microwave instruments!