Introducing iPrep for MARS 6: The Most Advanced Digestion Vessel Ever Made

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(Matthews, North Carolina) March 6, 2017- CEM Corporation, a leading supplier of sample preparation solutions, is pleased to introduce the all-new iPrep Microwave Digestion Vessel based on a revolutionary breakthrough in temperature control technology. iPrep is the first ever dual-seal vessel that requires no probes for precise temperature control while achieving digestion conditions unattained by any other vessel.

“For the first time, a new disruptive technology exists that allows for complete dissolution of samples previously undigestable by microwave sample preparation,” commented Michael J. Collins, President and CEO of CEM Corporation. “iPrep also allows for twice the amount of sample to be prepared which provides for better detection limits and better sample homogeneity.” This technology will have an enormous impact on labs by eliminating sample prep as an issue even for the most difficult applications.

iPrep is the easiest to use high pressure/temperature vessel available. It allows for ease of assembly, does not require temperature probes, and uses a simple hand-torque sealing device, which eliminates the need for heavy and difficult to use torque wrenches. The open architecture of the vessel allows for rapid cooling without the need for external cooling sources like water baths or chillers. The combination of iPrep and iWave temperature control will forever change the world of microwave digestion.


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