Latest Developments in Peptide Synthesis


Available On-Demand
Air Date: 03/10/2021
Duration: 4 hours, 45 minutes


Learn from industry and manufacturing experts at CEM and gain insight into leading research in this exciting field of study. In this webinar the fascinating landscape of peptide synthesis and drug discovery is explored from lead identification to screening of epitope libraries and c-GMP full scale production.
  • Technical questions will be addressed live from the speakers
  • Discounts on all Liberty/MultiPep consumables and peptide reagents (Valid for UK & Ireland)

What You’ll Learn

Joined by four of the leading academic speakers, they will provide an overview of their recent research in the peptide field. CEM peptide specialists will show the versatility of the current portfolio of peptide synthesizers in terms of efficiency, high-throughput, small and large scale capability.

Who Should Attend

  • All users of the Liberty and MultiPep instrument
  • Biotech companies in the field of drug discovery
  • CRO with peptide manufacturing capability
  • PhD students and postdocs in peptide and protein chemistry, peptidomimetics, PNA


Professor Anna Maria Papini
University of Florence,
CY Cergy Paris Université

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Professor Dek Woolfson
University of Bristol

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Professor Fernando Albericio
University of Barcelona,
University of Kwazulu-Natal

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Associate Professor Kai Hilpert
St. George's University

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Equipment Used