Automated Microwave Peptide Synthesizer
Liberty PRIME

Unparalleled speed and efficiency.



The Liberty PRIME™ peptide synthesizer is the most advanced platform available for microwave peptide synthesis. It features a revolutionary one-pot deprotection and coupling process allowing for a remarkable 2 minute cycle time with only 8.5mL waste per cycle (at 0.1 mmol). The ultra fast sequential synthesis workflow with Liberty PRIME dramatically outperforms traditional parallel peptide synthesizers.

Unique Chemistry

  • One-pot coupling and deprotection chemistry (patented)
  • CarboMAX™ coupling chemistry (patented)
  • Microwave deprotection and coupling (patented)


  • Unprecedented 2 min cycle time
  • Unrivaled 8.5mL waste per cycle at (0.1 mmol)
  • Automated synthesis of up to 24 peptides
  • Precise calibration-free delivery of all reagents
  • Integrated Camera (optional)

Speed with Liberty PRIME automated peptide synthesizer

Unmatched Speed

Synthesize 20mer’s every 45 minutes.

Based on a revolutionary one-pot deprotection and coupling process, along with the patented CarboMAX coupling chemistry, an unprecedented 2 minute cycle time is achieved.

65 Seconds (Coupling)

45 Seconds (Deprotection)

20 Seconds (Wash)

2:10 Minutes (Total)

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Low solvent usage with Liberty PRIME automated peptide synthesizer

Solvent Recycling

Reduce SPPS chemical waste to unbelievable levels.

By using a patented process that reuses the coupling solution for the subsequent deprotection step, along with a system design that requires no internal washing the Liberty PRIME reduces waste to unimaginable levels.


The Liberty PRIME produces only half the waste of the highly efficient Liberty Blue!

Reliability with Liberty PRIME automated peptide synthesizer

Advanced Reagent Delivery System

No calibration is needed.

All reagents are delivered either by pressure-based Flex-Add delivery system or precalibrated pumping system.

This means you can always be confident that the right amount of each reagent is delivered every time at volumes as low as 0.25mL. The Liberty PRIME provides calibration-free reagent delivery that is ideal for GMP processes.

CarboMAX coupling for peptide synthesis


The best coupling method for peptide synthesis.

  • The fastest and most complete coupling
  • Stabilizes acid sensitive linkages which are problematic for standard carbodiimide chemistry (phospho, glyco, hyper-acid linkages)
  • Unmatched low-level of epimerization for all 20 amino acids due to faster activation (faster o-acylisourea formation)

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Synthesize Phosphopeptides, Glycopeptides, Branched Peptides, PNA, Peptoids and More


Synthesize standard and complex peptides.

    • Branched Peptides
    • Cyclized Peptides
    • Disulfide Bonding
    • Glycopeptides (N/O-linked)
    • High Throughput Synthesis
    • N-Methyl Peptides
    • Peptide Thioesters
    • Peptoids
    • Phosphopeptides
    • PNA

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Rapid Cleavage for Peptide Synthesis

Liberty PRIME + Razor Cleavage System

Cleave batches of peptides in only 30 minutes.

The Razor is the perfect compliment to the Liberty PRIME. Cleave peptides in only 30 minutes while protecting your synthesizer from volatile TFA fumes.

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