Liberty PRIME 2.0 – Ultrafast Peptide Synthesis at Elevated Temperature

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The Liberty PRIME 2.0 microwave peptide synthesizer is the most advanced system available for peptide synthesis. It is based on the use of a new one-pot coupling and deprotection methodology for solid phase peptide synthesis that drastically reduces cycle time and waste usage to unprecedented levels. The system provides a complete cycle time of only 2 min 10 sec (for all 20 standard Fmoc amino acids) with only 8 mL of chemical waste produced, half the amount of CEM's highly efficient Liberty Blue peptide synthesizer. The Liberty PRIME 2.0 is an ideal system for high throughput peptide synthesis of both standard and complex peptides with the ability to automatically synthesize up to 24 peptides in a day.  A selection of 8 well-known, difficult peptides were synthesized to demonstrate the performance of the Liberty PRIME automated microwave peptide synthesizer. Note: These peptides were synthesized on a 1st generation Liberty PRIME system.