Microwave Digestion System

Simplify your sample preparation process.



The MARS 1 is specifically designed for routine sample preparation for trace metals analysis. Featuring preprogrammed methods and easy-to-use vessels it provides laboratories with a well-equipped, economical alternative to higher priced microwave digestion systems.


  • Industry best 316 stainless steel cavity construction.
  • Multi layer Teflon® coating applied in proprietary process for superior corrosion resistance.
  • Non metallic high impact polymer casing.
  • High capacity integrated exhaust system to remove fumes and assist in cooling vessels.

CEM - Safety


The MARS 1 sensor provide full control of the digestion process.

The MARS 1 features a close proximity floor mounted IR temperature sensor to provide superior temperature measurement and control. The sensor ensures exact power application based upon cavity load.

CEM - Safety


Easily select a built-in method using intuitive software.

MARS 1 utilizes a touch screen interface. Simply choose a CEM method or create your own and press start, MARS 1 does the rest.

The system automatically identifies the vessel type and number of samples. Then delivers the precise power required to perform a complete and safe digestion.

CEM - Safety

MARSXpress Vessels

The most popular vessel in the world.

The patented MARSXpress Vessel revolutionized sample preparation over a decade ago. Its simple three piece design utilizes vent and reseal technology without springs. It is the perfect vessel for a wide variety of applications.

Available in 75 mL and 55 mL volumes in turntables holding 12 vessels.

CEM - Safety

Common Applications

Easily digests a wide variety of samples.

The MARS 1 has been extensively tested to provide successful digestions for samples such as food materials, plant and animal tissue, fish tissue, feeds and fertilizers, and many more samples.