Microwave Reactions Generating a Gaseous Byproduct

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The Wolff-Kishner reduction of benzophenone was completed in the Discover SP in under 12 minutes, yielding benzylbenzene in 96% yield. Though gaseous N2 byproduct was generated, the ActiVent pressure device was able to relieve the internal vessel pressure repeatedly, resealing the reaction vessel as though the cap had never opened after each release.

The Discover SP is capable of performing closed-vessel, gas-generating experiments safely and with ease, due to the ActiVent pressure device’s vent-and-reseal technology. The ActiVent pressure device circumvents issues typically encountered with gas-generating reactions performed in closed vessels, such as decreased reaction efficiency and increased chance of vessel failure. The result is safer, cleaner, and faster chemistry with the advantages of microwave heating.