Discover SP Sequential Microwave Synthesis System

Discover SP

Sequential Microwave Synthesis System

The benchmark in sequential microwave synthesizers with the best reaction reproducibility, flexibility, and safety.

MARS 6 Synthesis - Parallel Scale-Up Microwave Synthesizer

MARS 6 Synthesis

Parallel, Scale Up Microwave Synthesizer

Parallel microwave synthesis for teaching and industrial laboratories.

PETwave - Microwave-Assisted Radiosynthesis


Microwave-Assisted Radiosynthesis

Achieve hot-cell radiolabeling in minutes with the highest purity and radiochemical yield.

CarboMAX coupling for peptide synthesis


Microwave synthesis
made easy.

Nearly any type of synthetic chemistry can be performed in CEM microwave reactors. Scientists in academia or industry can realize shorter reaction times, improved yield, and access to new chemical space as compared to conventional oil baths and hot plates. Below are just a handful of disciplines that can benefit from microwave heating.


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Inorganic & Nanomaterial

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Peptide Synthesizer Software


Focus on teaching.

With instruments placed in over 1000 universities and academic institutions, CEM has the experience and knowledge to help you turn students into scientists.

Small or large class size, no matter the application, CEM has a microwave system that can best meet your teaching and research needs.

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microwave 101
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Learn the basics about microwave synthesis.

Microwave Chemistry Made Fast and Easy with Discover SP.
Microwave Chemistry Made Fast and Easy with Discover SP.

Teaching Microwave
Teaching Microwave Chemistry