More accurate results with reference method accuracy

As the world’s appetite for snack foods grows, so does the need for flavors and varieties that match the tastes of every region and culture that enjoys them. Cookies, biscuits, chips, candies, and more are constantly being updated and changed. As a result, manufacturers must maintain equipment for production and testing that is adaptable to the new products. Reference testing is able to give accurate results for virtually any product, but, with results taking hours or even days to produce, it is neither a realistic nor a cost effective means of testing products. NIR technology has been investigated by some, but with constant calibration maintenance and development for every formulation change, it cannot keep up with the rapidly changing snack food environment. Fortunately, CEM has introduced universal testing equipment that can test any product and any formulation with no adjustments or calibration necessary and with results available in just minutes.

The new SMART 6™ moisture/solids analyzer utilizes the revolutionary iPower® heating technology that allows it to test any product, whether it is wet dough or powder ingredients, hot off the line or frozen. Most results are available in under 3 minutes with accuracy comparable to long reference testing. The SMART 6 can also pair with the breakthrough ORACLE™ fat analyzer, the first universal fat analyzer that requires no methods or calibrations to deliver fat results that are more accurate than reference extraction techniques. Results take as little as 30 seconds, translating to rapid changes on the production line and with greater confidence. Used alone or in combination, these systems will not only allow manufacturers to produce a better quality product, but the savings from Least Cost Formulation and removal of calibration maintenance can be up to a hundred thousand dollars a year. Those savings can help improve production overhead or be passed on to consumers, creating a more aggressively priced product in a highly competitive market and resulting in an overall increase in sales.