Niche Chemistries, Maintenance, and Service with the Liberty Blue

Join us for an hour of learning unique Liberty Blue chemistry and proper system maintenance and service techniques!

In addition to the fastest, highest purity, most efficient linear peptide synthesis, the Liberty Blue can easily perform a number of automated post-synthetic modifications and peptidomimetic syntheses. These chemistries offer a variety of advantages for stabilizing secondary structure, resisting protease activity, or increasing target affinity in both biological and materials applications. For more technically inclined chemists, we’ll then discuss fundamental instrument operation, as well as proper maintenance and avoidance of commonly encountered errors. Understand Flex-Add functionality, how to put your system in stand-by, and many more tips and tricks.

Get the most out of your synthesizer by hearing directly from our specialists!


Thursday, April 2nd 2020


Applications Chemist: Alexandria Brackbill
Product Support Specialist: Austin Thornton


Session 1:

9 am EDT
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Session 2:

2 pm EDT
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