Phoenix Airwave

Phoenix AirwaveThe Phoenix Airwave Microwave Muffle Furnace meets the most demanding requirements of large organic samples with ease. This microwave muffle furnace utilizes a patented air amplified exhaust system to quickly and safely ash samples, removing large quantities of air and volatile by-products.

Legendary power at your fingertips!
  • Fast, accurate, easy-to-use
  • Eliminates the need for volume reduction/carbonization on a Bunsen burner or hot plate
  • Exhaust 130 CFM or more of air per minute (adjustable)
  • Volume reduction of large samples in minutes by high-speed evaporation
  • Increased airflow accelerates oxidation of samples

The Phoenix Airwave Microwave Muffle Furnace is available with your choice of either a High Temperature or High Capacity furnace. The High Temperature furnaces reach 1,200 °C and can process up to eight 25-mL crucibles. For laboratories needing greater throughput, the High Capacity furnaces reach 1,000 °C and hold up to fifteen 25-mL crucibles. Any crucible that can be used in a conventional muffle furnace (including platinum) can also be used in the Phoenix Microwave Ashing Systems.

Standard features include:
  • Programmable temperature control
  • Auto-Start/Auto-Shutdown software
  • Built-in exhaust system
  • Entry and storage of up to 20 methods
  • Built-in calibration software
  • Over-temperature and thermocouple failure safeguards
  • Built-in system diagnostics
  • Use any type of crucible normally used in a conventional muffle furnace, including platinum!
  • Available as a workstation with balance and printer

The Phoenix Airwave Microwave Muffle Furnace can perform many high temperature applications up to 97% faster than conventional muffle furnaces. The system is rugged and engineered to be dependable. Temperature verification and temperature calibration for ISO and GLP practices are quickly and easily performed with optional accessories including NIST traceable dual thermocouples and calibration source instruments.