Process Control for Pet Food Production

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The Pet Food industry is being subjected to increased regulation every year and is becoming one of the most competitive markets in the food industry. Every manufacturer needs to ensure the product they produce is not only up to the expectation of the consumers, but economically viable so the product can be offered at a competitive price. Moisture, fat, and protein are three of the most important, and expensive, components of both wet and dry products. Whether testing protein of incoming meats, fat content in finished kibble, or water concentration of the flour additives, not having an accurate analysis of these ingredients will lower yields and cause a loss in revenue. The SMART 6™ and ORACLE™ are able to analyze both incoming raw meats and finished dry products for moisture/solids as well as fat, the Phoenix™ can analyze any sample for ash content, and the Sprint® Protein Analyzer can analyze any food product for true protein.