ProFat Features

Patented IntelliTemp™ Temperature Control

Consistent results, operator to operator and location to location. Continuous feedback during the drying process eliminates sample burning. Microwave power is automatically adjusted to maintain the user-defined temperature setpoint.

iPower® Technology

Samples reach optimal drying temperature quickly and complete analysis in 40% less time.

Power Control

Eliminates unit-to-unit and plant-to-plant variations. The SMART 6 ProFat adjusts the microwave energy based on incoming line voltage, normalizing fluctuations and providing repeatable test conditions.

Measure Fat in Cooked and Processed Meats with Available Upgrade

SMART 6 ProFat Turbo can be easily upgraded to analyze fat with our innovative SMART Trac system.

Continuous Weighing during Drying

Eliminate operator-to-operator variation. Constant monitoring during drying allows the SMART 6 ProFat to determine the precise time a sample is dry, ensuring complete dryness and an accurate result.

Patented "Dual Monitoring" of Temperature and Weight

Correlation to conventional temperature-based methods is acheived by monitoring both the sample temperature and weight loss. SMART 6 ProFat provides easy method development by enabling users to input the temperature of the standard method and drying to a constant weight.


SMART 6 ProFat does not use hazardous chemicals.