Rapid Analysis throughout the Pulp and Paper Industry

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CEM equipment has been trusted for almost 40 years as a source of dependable process control. The SMART 6™ microwave and infrared moisture analyzer and Phoenix BLACK™ microwave muffle furnace can provide precise moisture, total solids, and ash content for pulp and paper applications, up to 80% faster than other techniques. To demonstrate the ability of the SMART 6 and Phoenix BLACK to accurately and reliably determine the moisture, total solids, and ash content throughout the pulp and paper manufacturing process, an assortment of in-process and finished product samples were obtained and analyzed.


Ranking among the world’s largest industries, the manufacturing of pulp and paper products produces over 400 million tons of product per year. Pulp and paper processing mills are found in more than 100 countries, with some mills only focusing on pulp or paper manufacturing, and others covering the entire production process from start to finish. Yet, others focus on the processing of recycling paper materials. Regardless of the type or amount of processing that occurs, moisture and ash analyses are necessary to control production time and costs. Whether it is by more accurately calculating the amount of wood required per ton of pulp, controlling the amount of coating or binder used in finishes, or quality checks on incoming materials, these two simple test results need to be delivered quickly and accurately.

The SMART 6 is the fastest direct-moisture analyzer on the market. Using a proprietary combination of infrared and microwave energy, samples are easily analyzed for moisture or total solids in less than 2 min. The Phoenix BLACK uses microwave energy to rapidly and efficiently heat an internal furnace. When used in conjunction with CEM’s quartz fiber crucibles, typical test times are reduced to 10 min, compared to 1–2 h in a conventional furnace.