Rapid Determination of Cannabinoids, Pesticides, and Heavy Metals in Cannabis


Available On-Demand
Airdate: Wednesday, December 1, 2021
Duration: 60 minutes


Due to the complex nature of the cannabis plant, a complete and reliable analysis can be difficult to achieve. The first step to any analysis is to ensure a complete extraction or digestion. In this webcast, you will learn techniques and tools for fast, efficient, and reproducible extraction and analysis of cannabis and hemp samples. Discussions on the methods for extraction and LC-UV analysis of cannabinoids from cannabis and cannabis infused products will be presented. This simple process can be done in under 30 minutes for fast and reliable results. Furthermore, extraction of pesticides and microwave digestion of mixed samples including flower, edibles, lotions, extracts, and oils will be addressed. CEM is dedicated to providing guidance for sample preparation and analysis of constituents and contaminants in cannabis and cannabis containing products to labs worldwide.

Who Should Attend

  • Lab managers, chemists, and technicians involved in analysis of cannabis
  • Cannabis and hemp growers and producers interested in bringing rapid and cost effective testing in-house
  • Lab directors and commercial lab managers looking to increase throughput of cannabis sample testing


Alicia Douglas Stell, Ph.D.
Lead R&D Scientist
CEM Corporation

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn about automated solvent extraction of cannabis and hemp for analysis of pesticides, potency, and terpenes
  • Learn how to perform microwave digestion of cannabis and hemp products according to AOAC OMA 2021.03
  • Learn about cost effective LC-UV analysis that can be performed by novice users to give critical results for growing and compounding

Equipment Used

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