Rapid Determination of Key Components in Nutritional Drinks

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Consumer interest in the nutritional value of food significantly influences the production, regulation, and distribution of products around the world. This, in conjunction with stringent regulatory requirements, highlights an ever-growing need for research into efficient, reliable, and robust methods for compositional analyses. Conventional methods for such analyses are typically time-consuming, often taking several hours, and require harsh chemicals. The SMART 6™, ORACLE™, Sprint®, and Discover 2.0® can be successfully used to evaluate total solids, fat, protein, and amino acid content, respectively, in nutritional drinks, providing more efficient methods than traditional wet chemistry. Additional benefits of CEM instrumentation include easy-to-use software, limited training for new users, and safer laboratory protocols all while maintaining result accuracy and precision.


Over the past 20 years, public interest in nutraceuticals has rapidly grown. Many are turning to nutritional drinks as meal replacements and dietary supplements. A variety of factors influence purchasing and consumption of these beverages. One such area of focus includes the added nutritional value these drinks offer to a person’s diet in the form of protein, amino acids, and/or fat content. Furthermore, it is crucial for the manufacturer to analyze and control these major components in order to optimize production, control costs, and produce highquality products.

Traditional methods often rely on tedious and time-consuming gravimetric wet chemistry techniques.1 Alternatively, CEM offers a suite of instrumentation to address these needs in a more efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly manner. As an example, reference methods for crude fat analyses include Soxhlet, Babcock, and Mojonnier extraction. These techniques rely on the addition of solvent to dissolve and separate the desired fat from other components in the sample matrix and are often accompanied by acid/base hydrolysis. The ORACLE™ represents an attractive alternative to these methods, measuring fat without calibration or method development for any sample type. The ORACLE can be paired with the SMART 6™ for direct, accurate solids and fat determination in minutes.