Rapid FAMEs Analysis

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The determination of the total amount of saturated & unsaturated fat is traditionally carried out by a procedure known as FAMEs (Fatty acid methyl ester analysis). Fat is traditionally extracted from samples using a cold solvent extraction into solvents such as DCM or other petroleum based solvents. Extracts are then dried and derivatized to form fatty acid methyl esters, using toxic reagents such as boron trifluoride. This process is both lengthy and hazardous.

Microwave assisted FAMEs replicates the AOAC method, but in a much safer, cleaner, and more efficient way. It creates exactly the same methyl esters that are ultimately quantified by Gas Chromatography. The microwave method can be carried out with virtually any sample type, including the following: meats, starchy carbohydrates, salads and vegetables, liquid milk, cheese, and all other dairy products. Unlike the traditional AOAC method, all food types can be analyzed by one simple microwave method, without making accommodations for different food types, such as cheese or encapsulated omega 3 fortified foods. A few select samples were prepared using this microwave method, with the results below. All samples were ready for analysis by GC in under one hour.


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