Rapid Fat, Moisture, & Protein Analysis of Raw Meats & Blends

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The economics of the meat and poultry industry are primarily driven by volume and economies of scale. In the U.S. alone, companies produce nearly 100 billion pounds of meat and poultry each year, contributing over $1 trillion to the economy.At such large volumes, even the slightest reductions in cost have a significant impact on overall profitability. Rapid and accurate fat determination in raw meat and poultry products allows manufacturers to control their raw material and blending costs more precisely and minimize the use of more expensive lean meat. Least Cost Formulation (LCF) is often utilized to optimize the use of low-cost materials, while still meeting required ingredient guidelines and constraints for a given product. This can be especially challenging in an industry where raw material costs and availability constantly fluctuate. In order for LCF and other process control practices to be effective, it is essential for manufacturers to have a rapid, accurate means of fat testing.